This is a current listing of trademarks owned by ASI Business Solutions, which are registered in multiple countries or otherwise used as trademarks by ASI Business Solutions. Please note that laws concerning use and marking of trademarks or product names vary by country.

This is not a comprehensive list of all ASI Business Solutions, Inc. trademarks.

  • ASI Compensation Assistant™
  • ASI Console®
  • ASI Data Forecaster™
  • ASI e-CPGToday™
  • ASI e-PharmaToday™
  • ASI e-PharmaTodayOnline™
  • ASI Inquire®
  • ASI Inquire Online™
  • ASI Investigator Portfolio™
  • ASI iPharmaToday®
  • ASI PDRP Compliance Healthcheck
  • ASI Pocket Inquire™
  • ASI PowerPoint Publisher™
  • ASI Promotional ROI Tracker™
  • ASI Realignment Manager™
  • ASI Reward®
  • ASI Segmentation Analyzer™
  • Business Performance Accelerator™
  • Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE)™
  • Medicare Market Analyzer™
  • NOLAP®
  • The Power of One™

Not all marks used by ASI Business Solutions, Inc. are listed on this page. Failure of a mark to appear on this page does not mean that ASI Business Solutions, Inc. does not use the mark nor does it mean that the product or service associated with the mark is not actively marketed or is not significant within its relevant market.