When something is tailor made, you associate the finished product with one that has been made by a master craftsman. Experience, exact fit, high quality, unique, and attention to detail all come to mind. ASI’s solutions exhibit all these characteristics and many others (dynamic, flexible, fast, scalable, and repeatable) that are essential to your success in the ever changing and uncertain life sciences business.

All of this is available to you through ASI’s industry proven and superior technology platform – one that is off-the-shelf, yet highly configurable.

No matter what phase your brand is in (Phase II, III or IV), ASI solutions redefine how data can be intelligently used to encourage behavioral change that delivers results. ASI solutions dispense personalized intelligence at the point of action; from anywhere, without needing access to the Cloud.

To learn more about how ASI can help drive the growth and profitability of your brand, please contact an ASI professional advisor for a demonstration.

Success is in the details…

At ASI, we know that you can’t wait years for a business platform that works.  That’s why we have developed a process to deliver you a platform that will optimize your brand and personnel performance in 90-days or less.

High accessibility means that advanced Prescriptive Analytics is available to every individual, in any role, consistently, and throughout the organization promoting improved execution, collaboration and transparency.

ASI’s platform comes pre-certified with all of the essential regulatory support such as PDMA and PDRP (Prescribing Data Restriction Program). ASI’s PDRP compliance is the only solution in the industry that enables you to maximize the use of your expensive syndicated data without needing to maintain multiple data repositories.

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No matter where in the brand life cycle…

At each stage of the brand lifecycle, analytics needs change.  ASI grows with the brand and has the capabilities to deliver the platform you need at each stage.

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Some of the ways ASI helps companies accelerate brand performance:

  • Dynamic Customer Opportunity Identification for Market Access (Prescriptive Analytics)

  • Dynamic Customer Targeting, Prioritization, Call Goal Assignment and Message Recommendation (Autonomous Call Planning Technology)

  • Integrated Pre-Call Planning


  • Field Coaching Reports

  • Patient Master Data Management (PHI de-identification, SPP & SPD aggregation)

  • PDRP Compliance

  • Data Integration and Management

  • Descriptive Analytics (Sales Reporting)

  • Incentive Compensation

  • Aggregate Spend

  • Customer Alignments

  • Data Quality Management

  • Adhoc Analytics

  • Market Intelligence Briefs (using ASI’s enriched CMS Open Payments data)

  • Patient Data Analytics

  • PDMA Compliance