ASI’s platform for Commercial Operations is a prime example of The Engineer’s Curse, which states that the closer you come to perfection, the easier it looks.

Many don’t appreciate the magnitude of the technology behind the ASI platform, because there is no visual spectacle. Fast, reliable and consistent data are at the center of the ASI microcosm. For any given ASI customer, hundreds of data sources and tens of billions of rows, are cost effectively processed by ASI’s proprietary intelligent software to surmount the massive logistical challenges and seemingly impossible deadlines that are associated.

There is a proliferation of bioscience startups, many of which are competing against Top 20 life sciences companies, which have by comparison, infinite resources at their disposal.  These bioscience startups need high-performance analytics, fueled by high-grade data to accelerate market penetration. By adopting these analytics from the start, those startups are taking the first steps in the journey to breaking into that top flight of pharmaceutical powerhouses.

ASI provides the computing engines that power these bioscience startups to victory over their massive logistical commercialization challenges.  Like any good system of engineering, these are designed to make the recurring task of processing all the commercial business data happen so smoothly that you could be fooled into thinking it is easy. However, the statistics for successfully delivering analytical intelligence illustrates the scale of the task.   

With ASI, your commercial data acts like 100’s of embedded sensors, where each sensor gathers information about an aspect of brand performance, such as access restrictions, therapy starts, filled prescriptions, rejected claims, patient diagnosis, who is prescribing and promotion. All of these elements affect the performance of the brand. If these parameters can be tweaked in real time through prescriptive analytics to add just one more patient per territory per week, the aggregation of these changes could be the difference between success and failure.

Once the data is updated, the real work begins for the commercial team, because they can take the prescriptive recommendations to guide their actions. The cycle begins again with each successive iteration using the sensory data collected from the previous week as a guide to the next.  As a result, the commercial team activities are constantly being tweaked to target the right customers at the right time.  And importantly, all this happens, while the ASI budget stays constant. The reason that this can even be accommodated is directly related to the stable and robust ASI platform around which all these complicated tasks run. 

Think about it this way, if the ASI platform were a drug candidate in clinical trials, the sudden acceleration in market penetration that it produces would have the federal regulators asking all sorts of questions. We see a 100 percent reduction in SWOT analysis preparation due to the time and resource consuming aspects of the process that have been engineered out by the ASI platform.

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